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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Look out! It is a flood

Many parts of Greater Chennai are flooded. Several roads are submerged and ground floor houses are threatened or already inundated by sewage tinged flood waters.

My parents tell me that their car is completely submerged in water and the ground floor houses in their apartment complex in Poonamallee High Road are water logged. Luckily they are marooned on the third floor.

Power is off in a lot of places. While there is no rain now, the city still has some way to go to recover.

CCG shot the pictures above on his treacherous bus journey to Madras. To quote him, So, I made this bus trip to Madras, misguidedly thinking it will be safer than the train that hugs the storm battered coast. Turns out I was wrong. How wrong? A good picture speaks a thousand words(7 words in that one phrase, BTW) and all that jazz, so see attachment. Oh BTW - the scariest thing you folks can see early morning is a cow, probably heavier than you, just being lifted off its legs and carried away by a bunch of Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms - granted, a large bunch.


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