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Thursday, October 27, 2005

AID Chennai and Relief Work

AID India, Chennai Chapter is doing great work in co-ordinating and initiating Relief work.

They request Blankets, Sarees, Children's clothing and other useful material as donations. Stoves are a priority, to boil water for drinking.
Most of us are staying home and co-ordinating over the phone. A team of volunteers from the AID Chennai office, headed by Damu, is already traveling (through some of the safer roads by four-wheeler) and assessing the damage in some of the slums in Chennai, inspite of the heavy rains outside! We plan to focus on the following:
(i) Immediate housing needs
(ii) Basic relief - food and water
(ii) Clothing requirements -
- Sweaters, jackets, blankets, bedsheets
- Children's clothes, both boys and girls
- Sarees, since they can be used for multiple purposes in such
situations (for ex: as screens for women in make-shift camps)

Please do get in touch with AID for donations and relief work.

Old 20, New 34, Ratheenam St
Gopalapuram, Chennai-86
Ph: 28350403, 52106493

Damu: 94442 41918
Gnanaprakasam: 9840264616
Balaji: 94440 61033 (also 93810 41615)
Ravishankar: 94440 84910

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